Questions from Basic General Knowledge

21. How many votes are entitled for members of the UN Economic and Social Council?

One vote

22. Who is the author of “B.A.Mayavi”?

E.Y.Krishana Pillai

23. What was the first James Bond book?

Casino Royal

24. Who issued Firman granting Diwani of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa to the English?

Shah Alam II

25. Which destroy the toxic substance found in digested food?


26. Value and Capital was written by ?

John R. Hicks

27. The premonsoon mango showers occur predominantly in which state?

West Bengal and Assam

28. By whom was the antibiotic penicillin first discovered?

Alexzander Fleming

29. Agronomy is the study of ?

Application of plant science to crop production

30. Which part of the Earth"s surface receives the highest amount of insolation?

Tropical deserts


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