Questions from Basic General Knowledge

21. Who is the author of Gulliver's Travels ?

Jonathan Swift

22. Which right conferred by the Constitution of India is also available to noncitizens?

clickqualify Freedom to speech

23. Who is the author of “The Hungry Tide.”?

Amitav Ghosh

24. What is the normal temperature of the human body?


25. The latitude of a place expresses its angular position relative to the which place?


26. The Currency of Peru?

Inti Sol

27. Who performed India's first heart transplantation on 3rd August 1994?

Dr. Venugopal of All India Institute of Medical Science

28. Who is the author of “Rajpath Se Lokpath Par”?


29. Who is the author of “Tholkappiya Poonga”?

M. Karunanidhi

30. Which is the world's busiest Airport in the world?

Chicago International Airport


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