Questions from Basic General Knowledge

31. When was the Constituent Assembly for undivided India first met?

9th December; 1946

32. Which inscription describes the achievements of Kharavela, king of Kalinga ?

Hathigunipha inscription

33. The rate at which World Bank provides loan to underdeveloped countries is?


34. Who is the author of “Radhayethedi”?


35. Vitamin B2 is also called?


36. In colourful diamond; Why are different colours present?

Due to impurities

37. Who is the author of The Mayor of Caster Bridge?

Thomas Hardy

38. Oxygen balance in the atmosphere is maintained through the process of ?


39. On the 22nd of 1905 thousands of unarmed Russian workers marched to the Winter Palace of Czar in St.Peterburg demanding administrative reforms. But the army fired at the mob; Hundereds of workers died; thousands wounded. This incident is known as ?

Bloody Sunday

40. Who is the author of The Unfinished Dream ?

Varghese Kurian


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