Questions from Basic General Knowledge

41. Who was the first woman ruler of medieval India?

Razia Sultan

42. Who was not a contemporary of the "Other three?


43. Who is the author of “Tess of the D’Urbervilles”?

Thomas Hardy

44. Who is the author of “Chistable”?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

45. Who said ‘Happiness is when what you think; what you say; and what you do are in harmony’?

Mahatma Gandhi

46. Which gland in human body enlarged due to goiter?


47. What work is work done in moving a positive charge on an equipotential surface?


48. Who is the author of Wuthering Heights?

Emily Bronte

49. Indian Institute of Forest management is located at which place?


50. Narita is the main airport of which city ?



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