Questions from Basic General Knowledge

1. Which type of woods is specially used as railways sleepers?

Jarrah and barri

2. Who remarked "the bones of the cotton weavers are bleaching the plains of India"?

William Bentinck

3. Dutch sold the St Angelo fort to the Arakkal royal family in?


4. A Share trader who expects the price of share to fall is called a?


5. Who was the last ruler of Sunga dynasty?


6. Who is the author of “Bhagwat Gita”?

Ved Vyas

7. Who was the first Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly of Kerala?

Shankara Narayanan Thampi

8. Litmus is obtained from?


9. When Kerala was formed on linguistic basics which of the Malayalam speaking Indian states were merged together?

avancore (B) Cochin and the Malabar district of Ma

10. Form where did Babar come to India originally?



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