Questions from English

11. Find mis spelt word
(A) analize
(B) argument
(C) assistant
(D) comparative
13. Which word is wrongly spelt?
(A) permanent
(B) inaugurate
(C) crucial
(D) commisioner
14. Henry arrived..........station at 9 O' clock.
(A) on the
(B) to
(C) at the
(D) to the
15. The opposite of 'wander'
(A) run
(B) walk
(C) settle
(D) roam
17. What do they object ..............?
(A) to
(B) for
(C) of
(D) None of the above
18. The word 'make out' means
(A) read
(B) build
(C) understand
(D) recognise
20. The antonym of tedious is
(A) dull
(B) relaxed
(C) timid
(D) interesting


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