Questions from English

31. The adjective form of simplify is:
(A) simple
(B) simplicity
(C) simply
(D) simpleton
32. It ------ since 8’0 clock in the morning.
(A) was raining
(B) has been raining
(C) rained
(D) were rained
34. The meaning of tenacity is:
(A) Flexibility
(B) Firmness
(C) Tendency
(D) Weakness
36. The antonym of ‘diligent’ is
(A) Committed
(B) Sharp - witted
(C) Slumber
(D) Lazy
37. You are ------- poor health
(A) on
(B) in
(C) with
(D) by
39. I haven’t had my lunch yet ------- ?
(A) hadn’t I
(B) had I
(C) have I
(D) don’t I


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