Questions from indian history

1. The first expedition of Muhammad of Ghor in 1175 AD was directed against
(A) The Raja of Gujarat
(B) his Co-religionists, the Ismailian heretics of Multan
(C) Khusrau Malik the last representative of the dynasty of Subuktgin and Sultan Mahmud
(D) The powerful Rajput king, Prithviraj Chauhan.
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3. The first Mughal building with complete marble facing was
(A) Taj Mahal
(B) Moti Masjid at the Red Fort Delhi
(C) Humayun's tomb
(D) Itmad-ud-daulah's tomb
4. The term Khalisa in Mughal administration signified the
(A) Entire Imperial Establishment
(B) Land owned by the Emperor himself
(C) Religious land grants
(D) Land from where revenue was collected for the imperial treasury
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5. The nimbus formed a special feature of Mughal portraiture under
(A) Shah Jahan
(B) Aurangzeb
(C) Jahangir
(D) Akbar
6. Who established Pallava Dynasty ?
(A) Simha Vishnu
(B) Aparajithan
(C) Bhopa Raja
(D) Vishnugober
8. The Yadava dynasty (A.d. 1190-1294) was brought to an end in the year 1294 with the capture of Devagiri in the northern Deccan by
(A) Malik Kafur
(B) Alaud-din-Khilji
(C) Jalalud-din-Khilji
(D) ghiyasuddin Tughtaq
9. The Third Battle of Panipat was between the
(A) Afgans and the Marathas
(B) Afghans and the Sikhs
(C) Marathas and the Mughals under Shah Alam II
(D) None of the above
10. Who amongst the following was the last ruler of Timurid dynasty in India ?
(A) Aziz-ud Almgir II
(B) Akbar Shah II
(C) Bahadur Shah II
(D) Shah Alam II


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