Questions from Physics

11. Which device convert optical energy into electrical energy?
(A) Dynamo
(B) Electric bulb
(C) Photoelectric cell
(D) None of these
12. The photoelectric effect is based on the law of conservation of
(A) Energy
(B) Mass
(C) Momentum
(D) Angular momentum
13. Joule is the unit of
(A) temperature
(B) pressure
(C) energy
(D) potential electric
14. Where is the headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency?
(A) Vienna
(B) Hague
(C) Geneva
(D) None of these
15. Energy generation in stars is mainly due to
(A) Fusion of lighter nuclei
(B) Chemical reaction
(C) Fission reaction
(D) None of these
16. Which device converts electrical energy into mechanical energy?
(A) Electric motor
(B) Galvanometer
(C) Ammeter
(D) Dynamo
17. A device used to convert electrical energy in to mechanical energy
(A) Dynamo
(B) Generator
(C) Electric motor
(D) None of these
18. A transfomer
(A) transforms energy
(B) increase or decrease voltage
(C) transforms frequency
(D) generates e.m.f
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19. Conversion of heat into electrical energy can be achieved by
(A) Transistor
(B) Thermocouple
(C) Voltmeter
(D) Dynamo
20. India’s first wave energy project is being set up at
(A) Mangalore
(B) Rameswaram
(C) Mumbai
(D) Vizhinjam


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