Questions from General Knowledge

11. Saranjami system was an important feature of the :
(A) Maratha revenue system
(B) Taluqdari system
(C) Administration of the Qutub Shahis
(D) None of the above
12. The East India Company began to use the term ‘investments in India’ for
(A) Their bullion imports to purchase Indian goods
(B) The loot from Buxar for purchasing Indian goods
(C) The profits made from duty-free inland trade and the surplus from Diwani revenue
(D) The borrowed money from India money lenderes for purchases in India
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13. Olympics in 2000 was held in ———— .
(A) Los Angeles
(B) Seoul
(C) Sydney
(D) Barcelona
14. The acid present in vinegar is:
(A) formic acid
(B) carbonic acid
(C) acetic acid
(D) propunic acid
15. The head of the University of Nalanda was the great Bengali Scholar
(A) Nagarjuna
(B) Basubandhu
(C) Sheelabhadra
(D) Shreenjan Atisha
19. Bharat Award was presented to the best
(A) director
(B) singer
(C) producer
(D) actor
20. Orderly arrangement of organisms into various groups is called
(A) Taxonomy
(B) Agronomy
(C) Palaentology
(D) Ecology


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