Questions from Computer & Information technology

12. Software, such as Explorer and Firefox, are referred to as?
(A) systems software
(B) utility software
(C) browsers
(D) internet tools
14. is the modification of software to remove or disable features which are undesirable by a person?
(A) Software hacking
(B) Software licensing
(C) Software piracy
(D) Software cracking
16. One of the following is not an application software?
(A) Adobe Photoshop
(B) Corel Draw
(C) Windows
(D) Tally
17. One of the following is not an Antivirus software?
(A) Netscafe
(B) Avira
(C) lohnMcAfee
(D) Nortran
18. Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) is?
(A) An intrusion detection system
(B) A cryptographic protocol providing communications securityover the internet
(C) A firewall
(D) A cryptographic software which provides for key-baseda symmetric cryptography for encryption;
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19. Which is related with computer networking?
(A) Compiler
(B) Protocol
(C) Interpreter
(D) Application software


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