Questions from Rivers, mountains & oceans

12. The total area from which all surface run-off is drained by a river is called its?
(A) watershed
(B) flood plain
(C) catchment area
(D) interfluvial area
13. Claw, pitcher and point are types of which tool?
(A) Chisel
(B) Hammer
(C) Plane
(D) Screw driver
14. Which of the following dams is NOT on Narmada river?
(A) Indira Sagar Project
(B) Maheshwar Hydel Power Project
(C) Jobat Project
(D) Koyna Power Project
15. Lapse Rate is the rate of change in?
(A) temperature with increase of altitude
(B) rainfall with increase of altitude
(C) salinity with ocean depth
(D) pace of movement of glacier
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17. The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of?
(A) Sutlej and Beas
(B) Jhelum and Chenab
(C) Ravi and Chenab
(D) Ganga and Jamuna
18. The extent of the country as reflected in the hymns of Rigveda covers?
(A) Punjab and Kashmir
(B) Punjab; Afghanistan; Kashmir and Rajathan
(C) Punjab; Afghanistan; Kashmir; parts of Sind; Rajputana and North-West Frontier Province
(D) All the places mentioned in (C) and the Eastern India up to the river Sarayu
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19. Alexander advanced in India upto the river?
(A) Rav;
(B) Satluj'
(C) Beas
(D) Yamuna
20. The riverine port handling-diversified commodities in India is?
(A) Paradip
(B) Kandla
(C) Mangalore
(D) Kolkata


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