Questions from Chemistry

11. Coal is an example of?
(A) Igneous rocks
(B) Metamorphic rocks
(C) Sedimentary rocks
(D) None of theabove
13. Petrology deals with which of the following?
(A) Study of the petroleum products
(B) Study of petroleum-related market economy
(C) Study of rocks in the earth's crust
(D) Study of the formation of soils
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14. Which of the following fertilisers leaves acidic residue?
(A) Urea
(B) Ammonium Phosphate
(C) Ammonium sulphate
(D) Sulphate of potash
17. Containers for carrying strong acids are made of
(A) Platinum
(B) brass
(C) copper
(D) lead
18. Which compound is known as carbolic acid?
(A) Benzene
(B) Toluene
(C) Phenol
(D) None of these
19. Amino acids are the building blocks of
(A) Vitamins
(B) starch
(C) proteins
(D) lipids
20. The acid that can be used as a hypnotic is
(A) Boric acid
(B) Barbituric acid
(C) Phosphoric acid
(D) Benzoic acid


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