Health Science

  1. Which of the following is not a viral disease?
    (A) Avion flue
    (B) Malaria
    (C) Sars
    (D) Dengue fever

  2. Which one of the following is not a mosquito-borne disease?
    (A) Dengue Fever
    (B) Filariasis
    (C) Sleeping sickness
    (D) Malaria
  3. Show Answer (C) Sleeping sickness

  4. Which of the following diseases is caused by the bite of a mad dog?
    (A) Leukaemia
    (B) Scurvy
    (C) Diphtheria
    (D) Hydrophobia
  5. Show Answer (D) Hydrophobia

  6. Minamata disease is due to?
    (A) Arsenic
    (B) Lead
    (C) Copper
    (D) Mercury

  7. One of the followingis not a fungal disease?
    (A) Bunchy top of banana
    (B) Coconut bud rot
    (C) Koleroga in arecanut
    (D) Quick wilt in pepper
  8. Show Answer (A) Bunchy top of banana

  9. Which of the following diseases is generally spread by fleas?
    (A) Small pox
    (B) Tetanus
    (C) Typhus
    (D) Yellow fever

  10. Diseases spread by articles like cups, spoons are called as?
    (A) Dust borne
    (B) Vehicle borne
    (C) Air borne diseases
    (D) Fomite borne diseases
  11. Show Answer (D) Fomite borne diseases

  12. Parkinsons disease affects?
    (A) Kidney
    (B) Nervous system
    (C) Eye
    (D) Skin
  13. Show Answer (B) Nervous system

  14. The disease caused by asbestos is?
    (A) Emphysema
    (B) Dysentery
    (C) Diarrhoea
    (D) Paralysis
  15. Show Answer (A) Emphysema

  16. Which one of the following is a sexually transmitted disease?
    (A) Leprosy
    (B) Syphillis
    (C) Tuberculosis
    (D) Tetanus
  17. Show Answer (B) Syphillis

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