General Knowledge

  1. Which date is celebrated as International Labour Day?
    (A) May 1st
    (B) September 5th
    (C) November 14th
    (D) December 7th

  2. Which of these film artistes did not star in the classic "Gone With the Wind'?
    (A) Orson Welles
    (B) Vivien Leigh
    (C) Clark Gable
    (D) Sophia Loren
  3. Show Answer (A) Orson Welles

  4. Gregor Mendel’s name is associated with
    (A) Linguistics
    (B) Phonetics
    (C) Physics
    (D) Genetics

  5. This is the market _______ the vegetables are sold.
    A) when
    B) where
    C) which
    D) what

  6. Uma Sharma was great performer in?
    (A) Nautanki
    (B) Kathak
    (C) Manipuri
    (D) Bhangra

  7. Which of the following does not belong to Delhi Sulthanate?
    (A) Sayyid dynasty
    (B) Mughal dynasty
    (C) Khilji dynasty
    (D) Slave dynasty
  8. Show Answer (B) Mughal dynasty

  9. The first satyagraha of Gandhiji for the cause of indigo farmers was observed at
    (A) Champaran
    (B) Chauri chaura
    (C) Barddi
    (D) Sabarmati
  10. Show Answer (A) Champaran

  11. The silver coins issued by the Guptas were called
    (A) Rupaka
    (B) Karshapana
    (C) Dinara
    (D) Pana

  12. The institution of regional rural banks came into existence in?
    (A) 1951
    (B) 1970
    (C) 1975
    (D) 1978

  13. The Solar system was discovered by
    (A) Kepler
    (B) Alenei Leonov
    (C) Copernicus
    (D) Neil Armstrong
  14. Show Answer (C) Copernicus

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