1. “To carry coal to New Castle": means
    (A) workhard
    (B) to finish a job
    (C) to do unnecessary thing
    (D) do menial job
  2. Show Answer (C) to do unnecessary thing

  3. Do you like ——————?
    (A) to drive
    (B) driving
    (C) drive
    (D) a drive

  4. Children can usually ------- their parents.
    (A) get over
    (B) get through
    (C) get on
    (D) get around
  5. Show Answer (D) get around

  6. Choose the meaning of the Latin Word ‘Viva voce’
    (a) literally
    (b) carefully
    (c) legibly
    (d) orally

  7. She ............ since morning
    a) is sleeping
    b) was sleeping
    c) have been sleeping
    d) has been sleeping
  8. Show Answer d) has been sleeping

  9. If you take rest, your health..............
    (A) would improve
    (B) will improve
    (C) would have improved
    (D) would be improving
  10. Show Answer (B) will improve

  11. Could you please ———— my answers and tell me if it was all right.
    (A) look into
    (B) look after
    (C) look down upon
    (D) look
  12. Show Answer (A) look into

  13. The table is made ——— wood .
    (A) of
    (B) from
    (C) for
    (D) with

  14. He hopes -------- first prize.
    (A) of winning
    (B) to win
    (C) to winning
    (D) in winning
  15. Show Answer (A) of winning

  16. To try to establish world peace is only ______
    (A) a fair play
    (B) an oily tongue
    (C) a wet blanket
    (D) a wild goose chase
  17. Show Answer (D) a wild goose chase

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