Current affairs 2017

  1. Who has taken charge as the new CEO and MD of Infosys?
    [A] Michael Pesch
    [B] Nandan Nilekani
    [C] Salil Parekh
    [D] Pravin Rao
  2. Show Answer [C] Salil Parekh

  3. Who has been appointed the new Director General of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB)?
    [A] Dineshwar Sharma
    [B] R R Bhatnagar
    [C] Jitendra Singh
    [D] Abhay

  4. Jairam Thakur who has been sworn in as new CM of Himachal Pradesh is related to which constituency?
    [A] Seraj
    [B] Nalagarh
    [C] Hamirpur
    [D] Gagret

  5. Which union minister has launched e HRMS for central government employees to access all service details?
    [A] Narendra Modi
    [B] Smriti Irani
    [C] Jitendra Singh
    [D] Arun Jaitley
  6. Show Answer [C] Jitendra Singh

  7. Which of the following has launched the India
    [A] Venus Exchange
    [B] Bitcoin Exchange
    [C] Uranus Exchange
    [D] Pluto Exchange
  8. Show Answer [D] Pluto Exchange

  9. India and which country has recently signed pact for socio economic development of Rakhine State?
    [A] Nepal
    [B] Bangladesh
    [C] Sri Lanka
    [D] Myanmar

  10. Which Indian bank has recently signed a MoU with POORTI Agri Services Pvt. Ltd to enable the farmers to purchase agricultural inputs?
    [A] Bank of Baroda
    [B] Bank of India
    [C] Punjab National Bank
    [D] Dena Bank
  11. Show Answer [A] Bank of Baroda

  12. The 56th Liberation Day of Goa is celebrated on which date in India?
    [A] December 18
    [B] December 21
    [C] December 19
    [D] December 20
  13. Show Answer [C] December 19

  14. Which city is hosting the 78th session of Indian History Congress (IHC)?
    [A] New Delhi
    [B] Lucknow
    [C] Kolkata
    [D] Bhopal

  15. The National Rice Research Institute (NRRI) is located in which state?
    [A] Kerala
    [B] West bengal
    [C] Odisha
    [D] Andhra Pradesh

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