1. She invited me ___ her Son's birthday.
    (A) for
    (B) to
    (C) of
    (D) in

  2. Anil as well as Sunil ......... to blame for what happened.
    (A) has
    (B) is
    (C) have
    (D) are

  3. Fill up the blanks using suitable choices: A great many —————-— failed the test.
    (A) boy
    (B) boys
    (C) girl
    (D) none of these

  4. Antonym of ‘Zenith’ is ____
    (A) Nadir
    (B) Null
    (C) Recede
    (D) Trance

  5. He left for Chennai ———— train.
    (A) on
    (B) by
    (C) in
    (D) from

  6. One who hates marriage is
    (A) Bachelor
    (B) Misogamist
    (C) Bigamist
    (D) Polyandry
  7. Show Answer (B) Misogamist

  8. Choose the word having opposite meaning Worry
    (A) happy
    (B) anger
    (C) happiness
    (D) care
  9. Show Answer (C) happiness

  10. _____ cricket is my favourite pass time.
    (A) play
    (B) played
    (C) playing
    (D) plays

  11. I wish I ............. rich.
    (A) was
    (B) were
    (C) am
    (D) will be

  12. The weather is clearing it is time to................
    (A) sailing
    (B) set sail
    (C) start sail
    (D) begin sail

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